Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Soldier's Christmas Event

You are welcome to attend the Soldier's Christmas Event, that will be held in honor of our troops during the Holiday Season, sponsored by a group of citizens from Mexico Mo and the surrounding area. Join us Tuesday, December 7th, at 7:00 pm at Coach's Pizza World 112 S. Washington St. Mexico, Mo in candle light prayer for our troops, hear Veterans speak and Soldiers who have either served in Iraq, or Afghanistan. There will be Christmas music, and a Card and letter Shower that will be sent to our men and women serving our country. Some Christmas Cards will be available to you at the event. Cookies, coffee, hot chocolate will be served.

*For those who would like to send a card or letter earlier to our troops for the holidays feel free to drop them by Graphitti 124 W. Promenade, Mexico Mo before December 8th. Christmas Cards and or letters will be picked up on the 8th and mailed randomly to our troops either in Afghanistan, or Iraq. You may include your address in your card or letter for your soldier. Some Christmas cards will be available at Graphitti for your convenience.

* For those who know of a soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or know of a Veteran that wish to speak or to have their military picture posted at the event, please feel free to write their name and information that you would like to share. Please post information on the back of your photo. Be sure your photo is a duplicate in case it accidentally gets lost. Please drop your photo before Dec 1st at Graphitti 112 W. Promenade St. Mexico, Mo. You may pick your photo up at Graphitti during weekdays of Dec. 9th through Dec. 14th or after the Soldier's Christmas Event

*For those who wish to send our troops needed items they may do so at the Christmas donation drop boxes at the participating stores in Mexico Mo; Wal-mart, Walgreen, Hickmans, and both Dollar General locations. A list of items are posted on the boxes. Please note some of our troops in Afghanistan are walking over 300 miles per week and are going through the socks at an alarming rate. The most needed items are "black diabetic socks" long enough to be worn with combat boots. Other most needed items are hand sanitizer, and baby wipes 10-12 in a pack easy for toting. Keep in mind soldiers like phone cards.

*This event is being launched by "a group of citizens of Mexico, Mo and the surrounding area" and has nothing to do with the tea party and is only being posted here for informative purposes and is open to all who wish to send us their suggestions, or wish to volunteer. You may contact us at

*We are currently looking for any soldier who has served in either Afghanistan or Iraq who would like to speak at the event and tell of his, or her experience and what it means to them to hear from folks back home during the holidays.

Thanks for all that you do for our troops!
From a group of Citizens from Mexico Mo and the surrounding Areas.
We plan to make this an annual event in our community and we cannot do it without the involvement of others, who are the ones who make it happen.