Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Big Thank You!

We would like to thank all of the local residents and those from surrounding communities that attended the Mexico Nonpartisan TAX DAY T.E.A. Party on April 17th. We’d like to thank Jerry Baur, A&B Prescription Shop for providing us the parking lot and KJAB Radio Station for announcing the event and the Mexico Ledger. We also would like to thank Pastor Adam Weber for opening prayer, vocalist Cynthia Fennewald who sang the National Anthem, Fair Tax Speaker Colin Malakar, and to all the Fair Tax volunteers that set up the Fair Tax booth. Thanks to organizers Summer Decker and Jeffrey Owen Jadav for setting up the Soldier’s Angels Booth for our troops. A special thanks goes to all the organizers that worked behind scenes and the volunteers who extended a hand in helping making the T.E.A. Party a successful event. Thanks to those who joined the volunteer list to plan to help with the upcoming July T.E.A party. We look forward to seeing you at the carry-in dish picnic in May. We also would like to mention it is never too late to volunteer to help make our country a better place. For those who wish to volunteer and want to attend the carry-in dish picnic sometime in May, feel free to inquire, or let us know through our email We will be soon posting the dates and times. Again thanks to all of you.

Missouri Tea Party