Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thank you for participating on 4th July T.E.A. Party

On July 4th rain did not stop the 122 (Taxed enough Already) T.E.A. Party gathering at the premises of Summer Snow on the corner of Love and N. Western Street. People from Mexico, Mo and surrounding communities as well as some out of state participants attended the rally. Many people stood in the rain to sign petitions concerning Government Fiscal Irresponsibility and Healthcare Reform. Tracy Leake, vice chairman of Tea Party Patriots of Silver City, New Mexico was the main speaker at the event. 17 year old Weston Hitchcock who was sent to Washington D.C. as a delegate by a local Electric Co-op received a big round of applause after speaking about his questions and visit to Senator Claire McCaskill’s office. Signs went up protesting excessive government spending, massive trade deficit, increasing national debts, etc. The group also showed concerns over the implications Cap and Trade legislation, which was recently passed by the House of Representatives.

This T.E.A. Party gathering was organized again by Jay and Pat Jadav, with the help of several volunteers. This local protest was part of a nationwide T.E.A. Party Patriots, who are a nationwide nonpartisan grassroots movement and the signed petitions are part of a nationwide effort to send a clear message, to our lawmakers in Washington. The gathering more than doubled in numbers from their last rally on April, 15th. They are looking forward to possibly putting together another fall rally sometime in October. They have a website for comments and updates and upcoming events. For more info visit www.missouriteaparty.blogspot.com or you may email them with questions or concerns at missouriteaparty@gmail.com

Pictures of the Event on 4th July: