Friday, April 10, 2009


On April 15th between 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM people will be joining together nationwide in communities across America to be heard. We will speak out and display our posters that will list our concerns and together we will send a clear message to our politicians to take to Washington. We ask you to not write or yell profanity, some children may be present. Some may find it helpful to search the Internet for tips for making your tea party poster signs. Remember, this is a peaceful bipartisan event and is not about Republicans, Democrats or Independents. If you are not in the Mexico, Mo area during April 15th you may click to find the nearest tea party to attend.

Tea Party rally will gather in South parking lot across from Mexico City Hall located at 300 N. Coal Street. Parking for the rally is prohibited in this parking lot because this is where the rally will be occurring and where business customers’ activity will be taking place. We ask you park along streets and do not interfere with businesses or block entrances and exits.

If you decide to take pictures or make videos, please e-mail them at so we can post them on the site.